The crystal diamond that will be used by Queen Elizabeth II to light the national beacon on 4 June during her diamond jubilee celebrations has been unveiled.

The jubilee diamond was showcased by the pageantmaster of Queen's diamond jubilee beacons, Bruno Peek, at the Tower of London.

Peek had organised the Queen's golden jubilee celebrations in 2002.

In all, over 4,000 diamond jubilee beacons will be lit across the globe to celebrate the Queen's 60 years on the throne, organisers of the event said.

According to the website for the Queen's diamond jubilee beacons, the Queen will light the final beacon from the concert stage near Buckingham Palace, where Stevie Wonder, JLS, Sir Elton John and a host of other stars will perform in her honour on 4 June.

Following the concert, where tributes will be paid to the Queen, she will walk out in front of the crowds near The Mall and place the crystal diamond into a specially designed pod, which will trigger the last beacon to light up.

A large number of communities have registered to hold celebratory bonfires, surpassing the 2,012 that organisers hoped to attract.

"Our aim was to light 2,012 beacons because 2,012 have never been lit before, but by the end of the night we will have over 4,000 - that's truly amazing," Peek said.

The beacons will be lit across the world from Tonga to the Falklands Islands, he added.

Queen Elizabeth II is the only monarch in the history of Britain to reign for 60 years after Queen Victoria, who ruled for 63.

IBTimes UK has compiled a slideshow of Peek unveiling the jubilee crystal diamond: