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A Southampton man has told a judge he could not possibly serve on a jury because of his 'extreme homophobic and racist' views.

The un-named would-be juror was selected to sit in the case of a man on trial for assault and dangerous driving.

But in a letter, he told Southampton Crown Court: "I strongly believe that it would be a serious injustice to the legal system to select me for jury service.

"I hold extreme prejudices against homosexuals and black/foreign people and couldn't possibly be impartial if either appeared in court.

"Therefore it would not be in the court's interest to have me a juror.

"I would be more than happy to speak to a judge regarding my personal views on the legal system, which I do not hold in high regard."

The author also admitted he would simply vote with the majority in order to end the trial swiftly, adding that he felt he had no right to "judge anyone."

But he could yet find himself on trial himself, after being warned he faces a contempt of court charge for failing to serve on a jury.

Presiding Judge Gary Burrell said he was unsure if the reluctant juror was telling the truth, or trying to manipulate the system.

As a result of the confession, Judge Burrell dismissed the whole jury.

He said: "If you do genuinely hold these views then you are someone who should not be on the jury.

"I also question whether you should be doing anything responsible in society at all."