The mother of a 15-year-old year 11 student informed the police and the school about racist comments made on her daughter's skin. Disciplinary proceedings against the offensive teacher are underway. The comments made by the teacher compared the skin colour of the student to "disgusting burnt toast."

On January 9, Melissa Curtis notified the Avon and Somerset Police about racism which her daughter was subjected to. Year 11 student, Eshe, was in class with her classmates when the teacher started talking about their friend who used to set off the fire alarm by managing to burn toast. The teacher continued to state that "the toast was black, burnt, looked disgusting" just like the colour of Eshe's skin.

The humiliated student reported that some of her classmates laughed at the joke while others were uncomfortable at the blatantly racist comment. Eshe walked out of the lesson and reported the incident to the school. Once Eshe returned home, she narrated the incident to her mother who decided to get the police involved.

racist comments
A school teacher is under investigation for racist comments made on a student’s skin colour in front of her classmates. Jamie skinner/

David Howe, the headteacher at Abbey Wood Community School in Stoke Gifford, contacted the family to inform them that disciplinary proceedings were underway. However, Howe also stated that the intent of the teacher was not to make a racist comment. He told Eshe's mother that the teacher did not mean to offend Eshe.

The unidentified teacher accepted that they had made the unfortunate statement, however, they protested that there was no racist intent behind it. Speaking to Bristol Live, Melissa stated that by saying that they had meant "no offence" the teacher cannot negate the fact that they had made a disgusting racist comment. Melissa recalled that she was unable to believe that a teacher could have said such a thing to a student in front of her peers.

Howe assured that the school is investigating the incident and appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken against the teacher. At the same time, the police will be investigating the incident independently.