An Asian American woman in California has hit out at a Trump supporter after she was racially attacked in public.

Jeanne Heo from Los Angeles was approached by a man in North Hollywood who asked where she was from and if she "spoke English".

In the video, the unnamed man repeats several times, "God bless Trump" and "we're going to nuke you guys."

He continued to circle the woman, saying: "You're ugly and you have a flat face and a ugly nose."

Reacting to the racist attack on Twitter, Heo said: "This guy approached me on the metro and asked if I was American, if I spoke English. I replied yes and ignored him. When waiting outside he approaches me again and asks where my genetics are from, if I'm from Korea. I ask him why do you wanna know and this happened."

But this wasn't the first time Heo had encountered racism.

She spoke about a previous attack that took place while she was shopping at a supermarket in 2017.

Heo said: "The man got out of his car and looked at me and shouted, 'Oh it'll be easy to report you, you're Asian.'

"I also work at a Chinese restaurant and some of the customers say dumb s**t like, 'Are you the manager's sister?"

The incidnet in North Hollywood is thought to have taken place as she left a station on the LA Metro.

Responding to the incident, the Metro authorities said they did "not condone nor tolerate this type of disrespectful behaviour on our transit properties. Everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, colour, creed, or other protected status, should always be treated with respect".