Radical Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary's back in the headlines. This time with comments on his personal Twitter account with the tagline BIN YOUR POPPY saying. One tweet read: One tweet read: 'Those who are murdering in Iraq/Afghanistan don't do so for freedom/Democracy but for the greed/interests of the US.'

The British born Islamist, who was also educated here, tweeted to his 2,200 followers, many of whom tweeted back at him in anger: one person tweeted back saying the quote 'wretched individual' should be deported.

Choudary is notorious for having made highly inflammatory comments and acts of protest in Britain before. He's headed up banned groups Islam4UK and Muslims Against Crusades and called for Shariah law zones to be established in Britain. A spokesperson from The Muslim Council of Britain declined to comment specifically on Anjem Choudary but said "There are many Muslims who serve in the Armed Forces today, they follow generations of Muslims who have sacrificed their lives in two World Wars. Remembrance Sunday should serve as a reminder to all of us that all faith communities, including Muslims, laid down their lives for this country."