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Rafael Nadal is currently recovering from a wrist injury getty

Tennis ace Rafael Nadal has reportedly had a hair transplant to sort out his thinning mane. The Spaniard, who is known for his long locks of hair, underwent a ten-hour Follicular Unit Extraction op at a specialist clinic in Madrid.

According to The Mirror, the 30-year-old underwent a similar procedure that England and Manchester United star Wayne Rooney had undergone, where he had 4,500 follicles transplanted after a local anaesthetic and sedation. Rooney had a hair transplant in 2011 and tweeted, "I was going bald at 25, so why not. I'm delighted with the results."

The Follicular Unit Extraction is more expensive and time consuming than other traditional hair transplant procedures and is known to leave scars. Rooney's operation had reportedly cost the footballer £7,700.

The Spaniard was ranked as one of People magazine's Sexiest Men Alive last year in a poll and attracted some comments from fashion critics due to an uncharacteristic amount of his scalp showing at an Australian Open party in Melbourne in January.

Current world number one Andy Murray – who is reportedly facing similar hair loss problems – recently teased the Spaniard on their condition and said, "[Lets see] Who loses their hair first out of me and Rafa?"

The complete result of the hair transplant to be visible could take about six months and with Nadal expected to be seen in action in Abu Dhabi at the end of December, it is unlikely that fans would get to see him sport his full mane in the Middle East.

Nadal has not had the best of seasons due to poor form and injuries plaguing him in 2016. The 30-year-old is currently recuperating from a wrist injury, which has limited his game and presence on the court. The former world number one recently revealed that he is ready to die to win another Grand Slam and add to his 14-time Grand Slam title haul.