Jenny Lauren
Jewellery designer Jennifer Lauren has been fined for breaching the peace

The niece of fashion designer Ralph Lauren has been fined €2,000 (£1,650) for being drunk and verbally abusive on a trans-atlantic flight to New York.

In a final hearing at Ennis District Court in Co Clare, Ireland, Jennifer Lauren pleaded guilty to breaching the peace and being intoxicated on board Delta Air Lines flight 477.

The aircraft was forced to make an unscheduled stopover in Shannon airport, Ireland, to remove Lauren. She did not enter a plea at the initial hearing at Killaloe District Court.

Her solicitor stated Lauren was embarassed by her actions, which were out of character.

The defendant reportedly claimed they were a result of mixing alcohol and medication. She admitted to being intoxicated to a point that she might have endangered herself or others on board the flight from Barcelona.

A third charge of engaging in behaviour likely to cause serious offence or annoyance to any person on board the plane - after being asked to stop by staff - was reportedly withdrawn by the prosecution.

Garda Inspector Tom Kennedy informed the courtroom that Lauren had been abusive and threatening during the flight.

Two hours after departure, an air hostess was told to "get the f**k out of my face" by Lauren, after the member of staff noticed she was crying in her seat.

The court also heard Lauren had allegedly pushed the stewardess, after she was told to calm down.