Muslims in Britain are preparing themselves to fast for 19 hours a day during the holy month of Ramadan.

The fasting is considered as the most hardest one for Muslims in Britain this year as it falls during summer, Al Arabia reported.

This situation arises once in many years where Muslims get only five hours between Suhour (the meal before dawn) and Iftar (the meal after sunset).

Central Mosque in London, which follows the Saudi Arabian declaration, has announced that Ramadan begins on 29 June in the UK.

The Ramadan calendar published by Central Mosque shows that the first day prayers will begin at 2:48am while sunset prayers and Iftar will start after 9:25pm.

Sheikh Hassan Halawa, of the European Council for Fatwa, told Al Arabia that it is improper for Britain Muslims not to fast for the long summer times.

He also gave examples of other countries where people fast in spite of the intolerable heat. Halawa also said that fasting time in other European countries is even longer than the UK.

Muslims in Stockholm, the Swedish capital, will observe Ramadan fast for more than 20 hours as sunset prayers will begin after 10:00pm while the dawn prayer will start after 1.50am in the morning.

Ramadan marks the anniversary of the Quran being revealed to the Prophet Muhammad and the holy month is celebrated by Muslims across the world with much passion.

During the entire month, Muslims fast and practice self-restraint from sunrise until sunset. They also devote themselves in studying Quran and doing charity.