Muslims across Europe will observe the Holy month of Ramadan starting from Saturday 27 May. As the summer season coincides with Ramadan this year, European Muslims are set to brace for long fasting duration.

Muslims in the Nordic region will have to fast for a period of more than 20 hours, while British Muslims would abstain from food and drink for around 19 hours. This leaves them with only five hours between Iftar (the meal after sunset) and Suhoor (the meal before dawn). Below is the list of the European countries that are set to observe fast for the longest duration (According to Gulf news).

Iceland: 21 hours

Finland: 19.56

Norway: 19.48

Russia: 19.07

Germany: 18.51

Ireland: 18.48

Netherlands: 18.39

United Kingdom: 18.34

Czech Republic: 18.24

Hungary: 18.12

France: 17.11

Georgia: 16.58

Albania: 16.51

Spain: 16.43

During the holy month, believers seek spiritual rejuvenation by observing fast, praying and doing charity work. However the scorching heat and long daytime hours makes it tough for Muslims living in northern hemisphere to observe the holy month.

According to Daily Sabah, Muslim devotees in Sweden's northernmost cities of Kiruna, Norway's Tromso and Iceland's Reykjavik will have to fast for almost 22 hours as they get only two hours between the post evening and pre-dawn meal.

The Ramadan fast will continue for the next 29 to 30 days depending on sighting of the crescent moon. The holy month is commemorated to mark the anniversary of the Quran being revealed to Prophet Muhammad.

Tips to maintain health during Ramadan fasting:

  • The ideal way to break the fast is to eat something sweet to compensate for the energy lost during the daytime. A generous amount of dates is highly advisable to break the fast as it is a rich source of minerals and proteins.
  • Try to have a warm cup of non creamy vegetable soup to avoid indigestion. Eat grilled fish, lean meat and low glycemic carbohydrates, such as brown rice, boiled sweet potatoes and lots of green salads to keep your stomach healthy during the month.
  • Avoid going into direct sunlight and heavy physical strain during the daytime and allow your body proper rest to stay healthy during the holy month.

Ramadan Mubaarak to all the readers of IB Times UK.