David 'Dawood' Robinson was shot at the age of 25 Met Police

A British rapper David 'Dawood' Robinson was shot dead in a north London street at the age of 25.

The musician was murdered by a gunman who shot him four times in the head and chest outside a music studio in Islington, an inquest heard today (15 February).

Robinson was reportedly shot from behind and may have even turned around to face his killer before being hit in the chest.

He was gunned down at point-blank range outside the Big 101 music studio. Five shots were fired through a glass door, with four bullets being recovered from his body. The fifth was found in the street and had bounced off the opposite building.

The gun is said to have possibly been a Smith and Wesson revolver and was fired from inside the premises, the hearing was told.

Robinson was pronounced dead shortly after midnight on 21 August, 2016, after being taken to the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.

A statement read to court claimed that his friend Pouria Homayonpour found him lying on the floor as he travelled through the area.

He said: "I heard somebody say, 'don't go in there'.

"There were a few people about, although I can't tell you who they were. I was crouching down next to him.

"I could tell it was my friend David, who I have known for a long time. I met him at the Finsbury Park Mosque, and he is a good-hearted person.

"I could tell that he had been shot. He seemed to me to be still breathing, and I shouted for help.

"I started crying. I didn't notice any other injuries apart from the gunshot wound to the head. I could hear sirens in the background. It seemed to take ages before any help arrived."

He added: "I didn't know of any enemies he had. And when I saw him two or three days ago, he never mentioned to me that he had any arguments with anybody. He was the most intelligent person I know.

"I didn't hear anything to indicate he had been shot prior to seeing him. And I never saw anybody with a gun. This incident has made me feel sick. And I am still in shock after hearing the news."

Fiona Ritchie, a forensic scientist, said the shots were likely fired from the same weapon after examining the scene and said the bullet was shot 30cm or more away from Robinson, and passed through a glass pane.

Four men in their 20s were arrested in connection with the investigation but were released without further action as the probe continues.