Real Madrid legend and former Spain captain Iker Casillas stirred up controversy once more thanks to yet another bizarre tweet. This time, he spoke unexpectedly about his private parts to the shock, amusement and confusion of his nearly 10 million followers.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning at around 2am in Spain, the legendary goalkeeper took to his personal Twitter account and said: "Que ganas de pegarme siete tiros en los testiculos." This roughly translates to: "I want to hit myself in the testicles 7 times."

Thousands of followers immediately liked and retweeted the post, with most of them amused by the mysterious tweet. However, some netizens appear to think that the statement is a nod to a similar tweet shared earlier the same day by famous Twitch streamer Ibai Llanos, who shares a friendship with many famous footballers including Casillas.

Casillas is active on Twitter, and just hours before this tweet, he was speaking about Real Madrid's match against RB Leipzig in the Champions League on Wednesday night.

This time, he did not claim to be hacked, which was his "excuse" when he found himself in hot water a few weeks ago after tweeting "I hope you respect me, I'm gay," in an apparent joke.

He tweeted the "coming out" message from the same Twitter account, and even got a reaction from former FC Barcelona and Spain Carles Puyol, who said: "The time has come to tell our story, Iker."

Puyol seemed to make fun of the tweet, and was later forced to apologise for his part in making a joke at the expense of the LGBTQIA+ community. For his part, Casillas claimed that his account was hacked, drawing even more criticism from those who thought he was only making excuses. He has not addressed the issue since, but has reopened the controversy following his latest Twitter antic.

Iker Casillas Spain
Iker Casillas won the FIFA World Cup with Spain in 2010. Reuters