Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos was truly elated after winning the UEFA Champions League for the fifth time in his professional career last Saturday at the Stade de France in Paris. However, his mood was dampened during an interview with a German reporter whose questions were deemed offensive by the player.

The final match ended 1-0 in favour of Los Blancos who lifted the club's fourteenth UEFA Champions League trophy, the most for any club in history. After the match, the players were seen celebrating all over the pitch with their loved ones and members of the Real Madrid staff. Members of the media pulled aside some players for quick interviews, and a viral video has since shown a German reporter asking Kroos about his opinion on the result despite the opponent's dominant performance for most of the match.

In response, Kroos said, "You've had 90 minutes and you come up with two such bad questions." The German number eight then walked away before staff members attempted to get him to continue the interview. However, he was clearly in no mood to speak to the same reporter.

He has since calmed down and decided to address the incident on his podcast. "You can ask 'How did you see the match?' and I wouldn't have said that we had them against the wall from the first minute to the 90th," he said, as quoted by Marca.

Kroos went on to explain that he did not like the leading question that was asked by the reporter. "I'm the first to say it was an even game and Liverpool probably had a few more chances. But, we won the game, as we have many times in recent months," he said.

He then added that the result was clear and he did not like the way the reporter wanted to put words in his mouth. "He wanted to hear me say that we won unfairly. I don't give a s**t in a final, you just have to win it," said Kroos.

He then spoke about the tense moments during the match, with Liverpool making Real Madrid keeper Thibaut Courtois work hard between the posts. "That's normal. What do you expect, that we dominate Liverpool for 90 minutes? They are a world-class team. We had to beat them and that's what we did."

Toni Kroos
Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos AFP / JORGE GUERRER