Paris Saint-Germain striker Kyian Mbappe may have inadvertently dropped major hints about a potential move via his friend, Ora Ito, a famous designer. In a social media post, the designer revealed photos which appear to show Mbappe packing his personal belongings and important mementos from his career.

Ito shared an Instagram story on Monday, wherein he was thanking Mbappe for giving him a signed shirt. The said shirt is the focus of the post, but eagle-eyed fans spotted interesting details in the background.

According to Marca, there is little doubt that the photos had been taken from inside Mbappe's home. The trophies on the shelf were a giveaway, mostly because of the Kopa Trophy that Mbappe won in 2018. This particular trophy is unique because the design was changed the following year. This means that Mbappe is the only person to be in possession of the trophy with that particular design. The subsequent editions won by Matthijs de Ligt and Pedri look different.

With that being established, the most interesting aspect of the photo is the fact that there are cardboard boxes and other clues showing that the items are in the middle of being packed. Trophies are wrapped up and other valuable possessions that mark milestones in Mbappe's career including newspaper covers could be seen in the corner.

The jersey itself is not new, but despite the fact that it is from the 2019/20 season, the photos were definitely taken more recently because in the series of stories, Ito also showed a poster of the star's 2021 comic book, which was released last October.

Real Madrid fans are hopeful that this means he is getting ready for a move to the Spanish capital. However, it could mean a number of other things. Considering the kind of salary that PSG may be willing to offer the Frenchman upon his renewal, he may very well be moving to a much more upscale accommodation in Paris.

Kylian Mbappe
Kylian Mbappe Photo by John Berry/Getty Images