Who says politicians don't have a great sense of humour? The former prime minister of Sweden, Carl Bildt, showed off his funny side when he decided to videobomb an interview.

The country's ex-minister of foreign affairs, and current board member of the International Crisis Group, recently spotted a chance to make it on the local news by engaging in some goofy behaviour. A local news channel was filming an interview with a man in the city of Orebro when Bildt made his way across the frame, trotting with a paper cup in hand and a cartoonish grin on his face.

The short clip shows the interviewee getting distracted in the process, while a couple of men in the background burst out laughing.

The video was picked up by other websites and earned numerous mentions on Twitter, with a user comparing the 68-year-old politician's impromptu jig to that of Rowan Atkinson's Mr Bean.

"Yes, our former PM is slowly morphing into 'grandpa mode'," one person commented, while another added, "If I ever become a world leader, this is how I'd like to spend my retirement."

With this video, Bildt has joined a growing list of former leaders who have made their way into photos and videos. Britain's ex-prime minister David Cameron (accidentally?) made it into a couple's photo while attending the Wilderness Festival at Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire in August.

Prior to that, former US president George W Bush made a quick camera appearance while attending a baseball game in Texas. The former Potus popped up behind a Fox sports presenter and shouted out, "Hey!"

The reporter, not realising who was behind her, ignored the call and continued with her pre-game preview.