Anna Paquin recently featured on BBC with an unintentional appearance on a news programme. The True Blood actress became a hot topic on social media after a news video accidentally displayed her breasts to audiences.

While presenter Sophie Raworth was reporting about England's cricket series win over South Africa, a computer screen in the background was playing a video of a woman taking off her top and exposing her breasts. Viewers later recognised the person on the screen as Paquin.

"MY BREASTS!! SO FUNNY ON SO MANY LEVELS," the X-Men actress tweeted in reaction to the blooper. "Now that I know what u guys were talking about this some of the funniest s**t I've seen in a while!!! Thanks for the giggle! #FreeTheNipple.

"Ya know you've made when.... your t**s photo bomb the news at 10," she added.

The BBC video went viral, with many viewers first presuming that the employee was watching porn on his office computer. It was later discovered that the man slumped in his chair wearing headphones was in fact watching an episode of True Blood.

One person on Twitter pointed out that "BBC said it was looking into the matter, saying in a statement it was 'establishing the facts'."

"Looking into the matter? What's there to look into my t**s photobombed the news because someone was watching #trueblood in view of camera," Paquin responded, to which a fan pointed out that the 35-year-old could now use the phrase "photoboobed".