The Gaza conflict may be dominating headlines across the globe, but it seems that Middle East showbusiness is refusing to go down without a fight.

In a controversial move, producers of Big Brother Israel have decided to continue filming the latest series of the reality show despite the clashes escalating.

According to reports, Israel's TV industry has suffered an estimated loss of £15million after the violence between Israel and Palestine broke out 24 days ago and since broadcasting giant Keshet gets some of its best ratings from Big Brother, it has decided to keep the show running.

To make sure that contestants are protected, alarms have been installed in the property and housemates run into a bomb shelter when the fighting gets particularly dangerous.

The alarms sounded twice during the first week of filming.

"The audience appreciates the break they get, so we try very hard despite the situation to keep it on the air," Keshet's vice-president of programming, Ran Telem, told the Hollywood Reporter.

"The contract we have with the viewers at home is that when there is a significant development, we return to the news telecast at once."

But critics have accused the show, known as 'HaAh HaGadol' in Hebrew of endangering lives in the name of entertainment.

"Shame on Israel," one unimpressed viewer said.

Another wrote: "Nothing stops money, does it? Not even threats of death by bombing, gunfire, etc. Obviously the entertainment industry has no shame --the show must go on."

With a national crisis raging on, it seems that eviction will be the least of the contestants' worries.