An investigation has been launched after a father-of-one died after falling into a tyre shredder at a recycling plant in Texas.

Byron Jones, 26, was killed following the accident at the Genan plant in Sheldon on 19 January.

According to Eyewitnesses News, co-workers reported him missing and went looking for him before realising he had become trapped in the machine and was unable to free himself.

Investigators with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have visited the plant as part of their inquiry.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office is also investigating, although it is unclear if any criminal charges will be brought.

Andrew Seerden, who is representing Jones' family, added: "We are currently investigating the incident and expect to file a lawsuit in order to hold all negligent and grossly negligent parties fully accountable for this tragedy"

According to the Genan's website, the tyre recycling plant is the largest in the world and had never had an accident on site since it opened in 2014.

The company has not yet commented on Jones' death. He leaves behind a three-year-old daughter, according to ABC 13.