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American media mogul Pat Robertson has claimed that atheist women refuse God because "they were probably raped" or "possessed".

Robertson, chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network, delivered his controversial opinion during the CBN's The 700 Club show, which he hosts.

A viewer named Sandra had asked Robertson for advice on how to behave with her co-worker, who was "openly hostile at the mere mention of God" when the viewer tried to "bring her to Jesus".

"Should I abandon the idea of being a positive influence on her and just let her perish?" Sandra asked.

Robertson, who is also a former Southern Baptist minister, said the co-worker could be controlled by "something that is demonic" or "something that is deep ingrained".

"But to be that openly hostile to the word 'God,' it's something beyond the normal human experience," he said. "Something has happened."

"Maybe she had an abusing father, somebody who raped her and acted like he was preaching to her from the Bible," the TV pastor continued. "You just never know what's going on in somebody's childhood."

The religious broadcaster concluded that the viewer may have done all she could do for the atheist co-worker.

"Be understanding, be loving and don't try to push anything on her, pray for her," the pastor said.

Robertson has often expressed controversial opinions which has often sparked outcry.

The conservative Christian wished Facebook could have a 'vomit' button, so that he could click on it every time he came across a photograph of a gay couple kissing.

"Well that makes me want to throw up. To me, I would punch 'Vomit' not 'Like' but they don't give you that option on Facebook," he said.

The former pastor once advised a man to divorce his wife affected by Alzheimer.

"I know it sounds cruel, but if he's going to do something, he should divorce her and start all over again, but to make sure she has custodial care and somebody [is] looking after her."

Robertson also railed against feminists, who he labelled as "anti-family".

"The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians."