Articles by Alastair Stevenson

Xbox ‘720’ Release Doesn’t Worry Nintendo President, Microsoft Next-Gen Could See Reboots From EA Yet another job post suggesting Microsoft is currently working on its next-generation Xbox has appeared, this time suggesting the fabled device will house 3D technology.
Feb 15, 2012
Gotham City Impostors Review (Xbox 360) Shining through the intense surrealism, Gotham City Impostors core team-based, shooter dynamics blend together with its character modification features to offer a solid and enjoyable game.
Feb 14, 2012
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review (PS3 and Xbox 360) Shining though the game's unashamedly old-school and at times cliched plot, Kingdoms of Amalur's satisfying and chunky combat makes the game an accessible, pretty and bloody good RPG well worth a look for both veterans and newcomers to the genre.
Feb 13, 2012