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Inna Shevchenko is leader of the feminist protest group FEMEN, which often makes headline news across the world for demonstrating topless. Visit the Femen website or Twitter feed, or Inna's personal Twitter account, to find out more.

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Ei4Change launches an online course that highlights the importance of emotional intelligence in the critical thinking process

Ei4Change has launched its online course highlighting the importance of emotional intelligence and the positive role it can play in the critical thinking process. In this age of digital media and misinformation, it is important to have good critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is a process that involves looking at things objectively, examining a situation from different perspectives, asking the right questions to find out more, and then reaching a reasonable conclusion.

Insulate Britain or miss net zero

According to analysis by the Climate Change Committee, the average cost of retrofitting a single home to net zero standard is £26,000.