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  • The sixth Republican debate, and first presidential primary debate of 2016, will be divided into two events. The first undercard debate featured three candidates, while the second main event will feature seven candidates.
  • The main debate, which airs at 9pm EST/2am GMT, will feature: real estate mogul Donald Trump; Texas Senator Ted Cruz; Florida Senator Marco Rubio; retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson; New Jersey Governor Chris Christie; former Florida Governor Jeb Bush; and Ohio Governor John Kasich. It will be moderated by anchor and managing editor of Business News Neil Cavuto and anchor and global markets editor Maria Bartiromo.
  • The first debate, which aired at 6pm EST/11pm GMT, featured: former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina; former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee; and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. It was moderated by anchors Trish Regan and Sandra Smith.
  • The two debates are hosted by Fox Business Network. Learn how to watch here.

And that's a wrap for the first primary debate of 2016.


The candidates are giving their closing statements:

  • Kasich says he fixed the Pentagon budget and has stood up for seniors. I will continue to fight for you, he promises.
  • Bush brings up his record in Florida and asks for voters's support.
  • Christie continues his attack on President Obama and says he'll make sure Hillary Clinton does not win the presidency.
  • Carson says that Americans need "We the People" instead of traditional politics.
  • Rubio says Americans feel the US is changing and it's not a good change. Claims Obama wants to change the US and not fix it.
  • Cruz gives a shout out to Michael Bay's upcoming film "13 Hours" based on the book on Benghazi by Mitch Zuckoff. He says if he's elected, he will have the back of the military and law enforcement.
  • Trump discusses the Iranian incident "Iranian wise guys having guns to their heads," he said about the US Navy sailors detained by Iranian authorities. "If I'm president there won't be stupid deals anymore."


The debate is now going on 18+ minutes past the two hour mark. Prior to a commercial break, the moderators announced closing statements would be coming.


Rubio and Cruz battle on immigration reform and other issues Rubio accuses Cruz of flipping on.


Just before Kasich is allowed to speak, demonstrators appear to be shouting, "We want Rand!"


Trump is asked if he would probably have his children run his multi-million dollar companies if he were elected to the White House. "If I become president I couldn't care less about my company. I'd probably have my children run it," he said.


Rubio, meanwhile, takes a shot at Cruz over his proposed VAT-style tax. "That's why they have it in Europe, because it's a way to blindfold the people," Rubio said. "That's what Ronald Reagan said. ... That VAT tax is really bad for seniors.. they don't get the income tax break. But the prices go up. When I'm president of the United States, I'm going to side with Ronald Reagan on this, and not Nancy Pelosi, and we're not going to have a VAT tax."

Cruz argues that it is not a VAT tax but a 16% corporate tax.


In an ironic move, Christie is asked about infrastructure spending—fixing bridges and roads. Christie says he would levy a one-time tax on repatriating profits held by US companies abroad and use it to invest in infrastructure. "We'll tax it that one time at 8.75% — of $2tn, that's a lot of money."


The candidates have been discussing China and Trump's alleged proposal for a 45% tariff on Chinese goods. Rubio chimes in: "Best thing we can do to protect ourselves against China is to make our economy stronger."



Talk time update:

  • Cruz 10:26
  • Trump 7:49
  • Bush 6:38
  • Kasich 6:32
  • Christie 5:17
  • Rubio 4:14
  • Carson 3:31

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Trump is asked again about his proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the US temporarily, which he stands by.


Former Republican contender Lindsey Graham, a darling of the undercard debates, is in the audience and is quoted in a question regarding military action in Syria. Carson, who barely knew what was being asked to him, is the first to answer.

There is no question that Isis is a very serious problem, I don't believe that this administration recognises how serious it is. I think we need to do a lot more than we're doing.


Cruz takes on the state of New York, and in particular New York City, by saying, "Not a lot of conservatives come out of Manhattan. I'm just saying." Trump, a New York native, takes offense and brings up the fortitude of New Yorkers following the 9/11 attacks.


I am confident if this president could confiscate every gun in America, he would.

- Marco Rubio



We're back from a brief break, Bush is asked "what is the harm in tightening" gun control such as background checks. Moderator Maria Bartiromo brings up Dylann Roof, who killed nine at a Charleston church. Bush says he disagrees with Obama's recent series of gun control executive orders but says Republicans and Democrats should work together on improving mental health help.



Following an exchange between Rubio and Christie regarding Rubio's criticism of Christie's supposed liberal policies, Bush jumps in and says that attacks during the campaign are expected but Republicans should unite behind the GOP nominee.


Rubio apologises for interrupting Cruz and Trump, saying he was sorry to interrupting the episode of Court TV going on the stage. He then says he'd use his presidency to repeal all the executive orders by Barack Obama.


A question everyone has been waiting for. Cruz is asked if he is a natural born citizen, thus eligible to run for president. The senator says that Trump, who has been promoting the birther movement, is only pushing those questions because his poll numbers are declining in Iowa.

Trump responds that his poll numbers are doing just fine. He's booed by the audience when he brings up the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. He then admits he's now bringing up these questions because Cruz now has a better chance at being nominated.


Cruz asked about the New York Times piece that revealed he had failed to report two large bank loans to finance his 2012 Senate bid. After calling the article a "hit piece," Cruz says he simply made "a paperwork error."


After questioning all candidates, the moderators finally get to Donald Trump, who is asked bout migration to the US. "We cant let these people come into our country and break our borders," Trump said.


Florida Senator Marco Rubio continues the Hillary Clinton bashing, saying the former Secretary of State is disqualified from running for president.