Zeddie Little, so much a part of our Internet avatars as the "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy", has a new competitor for his newfound fame - meet the "Ridiculously Photogenic Puppy".

We should be honest here... the puppy does not belong to Little... but he does do a whole lot of very special things! In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to believe... well, we'll leave it to you to decide just how cute he actually is (the puppy, we mean... not Little).

Just as a heads-up, though, this is what the puppy actually does, according to Guyism - he runs, he barks, he sits, he stays, he pees on your couch and then you reward him in treats.

Check out a series of captions explaining why he is the new Internet sensation...

"Used as seeing-eye dog... owner regains sight."

"Poops on neighbour's lawn complain that you picked it up."

"Wins Westminster Dog Show... never entered."

"Bites child in park... child gets banned from park."

There were a few more captions, these on Quick Meme, explaining a little more about this fantastic new sensation...

"He has got 99 problems, but a b***h ain't one."

"Goes to vet, doctor neuters him instead."

"Goes to dog park..it gets deemed a national landmark."

"Barks..wins American Idol."

"Runs through your yard..your property value skyrockets."

"Jumps in your bed...you sleep on the floor."

"Flies on plane with owner..gets upgraded to first class".

"Chews on couch..it becomes a limited edition model."

Now... just in case you didn't quite understand what all of this was about... we're not really telling you this puppy is the most ridiculously photogenic little dog in the world. What we are, however, is saying the Internet seems to have had its fill of Zeddie Little and the idea of being so ridiculously photogenic!

Who wouldn't by now?

It is an unfortunate truth but none of us, let us really be honest here, looks that good in photographs... not, at least, without several hours of preparation time. It is, therefore, rather annoying when someone like Little can look so effortlessly attractive after having run 10km! Incidentally, did anyone check whether he actually did run 10km?

The Internet is telling Zeddie Little, who recently appeared on ABC's breakfast show, "Good Morning America", that it is now coming to its senses!