Right wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and the hosts of liberal internet-based news channel The Young Turks almost came to blows after he attempted to hijack their live-stream from the Republican National Convention (RNC).

Cenk Uygur, a co-founder of the show, was hosting a live segment of the show from the RNC in Cleveland, Ohio, when talk radio host Jones and controversial Republican strategist and Trump backer Roger Stone stormed the set.

"How's the revolution starting? You guys starting the revolution?" Jones asked, and started to unfurl a T-shirt with a picture of Bill Clinton and the word "rape" on it.

Uygur confront Stone: "You want to take my show over? I'll take your show over. You know who does this kind of shirt ... a sick guy." Uygur pointed out that Trump has also been accused of rape.

Uygur and Stone can then be heard shouting at each other off-camera.

"You're a sick dude, Roger Stone! You're the world's biggest liar! You're a piece of crap!" said Uygur.
The livestream then briefly cuts out, before co-host Ana Kasparian yells "Get the f**k off the stage!"

As Jones continued to goad Uygur, the confrontation boiled over, forcing the intervention of staff and security to separate the two.