Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has urged Tottenham Hotspur to hand in a new contract with an improved wages in order to stop the striker from leaving the club.

The England international has been in fine form for since the start of September, scoring 11 goals in the Premier League and the Champions League. His form has already seen him attract interest from Real Madrid and the Red Devils.

Kane signed a new contract in December 2016 and the current deal runs down in 2022. He is reportedly believed to be earning £100,000-a-week ($131,880) at Tottenham, which is way less when compared to star players of other Premier League's top clubs.

The Old Trafford favourite has warned Spurs chairman Daniel Levy to hand in a major increase to his current wages in order to be in the same bracket as other top earners in the Premier League.

"Pay the man the money. You gotta keep him at the club. If I'm Harry Kane then the chairman - his phone number is the most dialled number on my phone - because I'm telling them their needs to be parity within the league," Ferdinand told BT Sport, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

"You've got a superstar in your team and there needs to be parity within the league. If he's looking around the league and sees players on phone number wages, I need to have some parity for what I'm doing, not only for last season it's the last three seasons he's been doing it.

"I would be scared if I don't get my top man signed up I'd be scared I would lose some of my other players. What's [Dele] Alli going to do, what's [Christian] Eriksen going to do if they don't get him signed up."

Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer told IBTimes UK that Kane will have not short of options, if he decides to Tottenham. The 24-year-old has scored 36 goals in 32 appearances for Spurs over the course of the calendar year.

Kane's goalscoring record has been better than that of Real's Cristiano Ronaldo during the same period. Ferdinand believes his compatriot has done enough to draw comparisons with the Portuguese international.

"He's done it the hard way. He's gone on loan to several clubs, didn't really work out for him, came back, got back to the drawing board," the Mirror reported Ferdinand as saying.

"And it shows that a work ethic, a determination and a desire to become a top player - if you've got all that - aligned with a bit of talent you got a good chance.

"And this kid, when he gets in and around the box he pulls the trigger. What I love about him is he scores all types of goals. For a defender, that's a nightmare to play against."

Cristiano Ronaldo-Harry Kane
Harry Kane has been reportedly attracting interest from Real Madrid and Manchester United Getty