"Riverdale" season 4 episode 12 is a special episode featuring a "Katy Keene" crossover ahead of The CW's latest series' premiere. The next chapter of the series will give a special sneak peek into the world of fashionista Katy Keene as portrayed by Lucy Hale. Meanwhile, a lot is going on for your beloved characters in Riverdale town. Here is everything we know so far about the next segment. Read on for details.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "Riverdale" season 4 episode 12.]

The "Chapter Sixty-Nine" of "Riverdale is titled "Men of Honour" and it will see Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Cheryl dealing with some old and new challenges. According to the official synopsis for episode 12, Archie will be meeting with someone from his uncle Frank's past.

There is a lot about his Uncle Frank that seems to be tightly wrapped away. However, someone from his past is arriving in the town this week and this is going to become a cause of concern for Archie. This is the only chance to know more about Frank, who arrived in town unexpectedly.

Meanwhile, Betty and Alice go ahead with their investigation into mysterious Stonewall Prep incidents. However, this leads them in a difficult situation with their prime suspect. Elsewhere, Jughead ends up challenging Brett to a duel to put an end to their never-ending conflicts and clashes.

Back in Riverdale High, Toni join hands with Fangs and Kevin to even scores with Nick St. Clair, who attempted to force himself on Veronica and rape Cheryl. Now that he is back, Toni wants to teach him a lesson once and for all.

Elsewhere, Veronica takes a trip to New York City to meet her old friend Katy Keene. While not much is revealed about Hale's new show, it seems she has an old connection with Riverdale High's diva.

Riverdale airs on CW on Wednesdays CW

The CW's latest series "Katy Keene" is based on Archie Comics' character of the same name, an aspiring fashion designer. It is a "Riverale" spinoff also featuring Riverdale's Josie McCoy as played by Ashleigh Murray. The show is set to premiere on Thursday, February 6.

The "Riverdale" season 4 episode 12 will go on air on Wednesday, February 5.