A 15-year-old girl has told a court that she was plied with vodka and raped before being paid by her attackers to keep silent.

Eleven men are on trial at Liverpool crown court charged with rape, trafficking and sexual assault. They deny the charges.

The girl said in a video interview that the first time she was raped was by one of the group above a takeaway in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

The witness, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she and her friends went into the fast food restaurant and were taken to the back after a 59-year-old man arrived. They were given a bottle of vodka and led upstairs to a room above the restaurant where they were forced to have sex, the jury heard.

The girl said: "He told me to get on the bed and have sex with him. I said 'No' but he said 'I have just given you vodka so it is part of the deal - I have done something for you so you have to do something for me.'

"He pulled his pants down and I said I don't want to do it but he just carried on.

"He was just saying, 'Please, please, we are good friends.' I was crying while he was doing it but he just ignored me. He started saying 'Don't cry, I love you' and all this."

She added: "Afterwards I went downstairs and he said 'Have you been crying?' and I said 'Yes'. He said: 'I love you, when can I make love to you again?' and I said 'Never'."

The girl said the man raped her again regardless and began sharing her with his friends.

The girl recalled in court an occasion when she and a friend accepted a lift home from the man. He took her to a property in Oldham, where he forced her to have sex with him instead of taking her home.

On this occasion, a second man was invited into the room.

She said: "The other man came in and he said I had to have sex with him as well. I just let him do it because I thought I had to or I wouldn't be able to go home."

The man gave her £40 and told her not to tell anyone. He promised her anything she wanted if she would keep quiet.

In the video interview she said: "He said it didn't matter and I had to have sex with him as well. Then after that he gave me £20 to keep my mouth shut and he kept bringing people and making me have sex with them and then gave me money to shut up about it.

"I said I didn't want to do it any more and he said: 'You have to.'"

The teenager told police that she confronted the man. "I said: 'You will get done for this if I tell the police' and he said: 'I won't get done because in his country you are allowed to have sex with people from the age of 11."

The court heard that the girls only knew their attackers by nicknames they gave themselves, such as "Master" and "Tiger".

On trial are: Abdul Aziz, 41; Abdul Rauf, 43; Mohammed Sajid, 35; Adil Khan, 42; Abdul Qayyum, 43; Mohammed Amin; 44, Qamar Shahzad, 29; Liaquat Shah, 41; Kabeer Hassan, 24; and Hamid Safi, 22; along with a 59-year-old man who cannot be named for legal reasons.

The case continues.