Mick Jagger performs in Hyde Park, London, in July
Sir Mick Jagger performs in Hyde Park, London, in July. Reuters

Sir Mick Jagger has insisted that he was not to blame for Brazil's humiliating 7-1 World Cup defeat at the hands of Germany.

The Rolling Stones rocker had been accused of jinxing the team by lending his support to the host nation ahead of the epic clash.

Superstitious Brazilian fans were so convinced of the 'curse of Jagger' that they held cardboard cut-outs of the 70-year-old wearing their rivals' colours in the hopes of bringing Germany bad luck.

But football lover Jagger refused to be a scapegoat for the greatest annihilation in footballing history.

"I can take responsibility for the first German goal, but not the other six!" he told The Sun.

Although there is no way of verifying whether the veteran lothario is bad luck at major sporting events, his reputation as the tournament's biggest jinx can be traced back to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

After he publically showed his support for England, the US and Brazil, England were knocked out by Germany, the Americans lost their match to Ghana and Brazil were sent home by the Netherlands in the quarter-finals.

Fast forward four years and it seems that he has had an even worse impact on this year's tournament.

After he told Portuguese fans at a concert in Lisbon their team would win the tournament, they failed to progress beyond the group stage.

England suffered a painful 2-1 defeat to Uruguay just hours after he tweeted Roy Hodgson's boys saying "Let's go England – this is the one we win!"

Meanwhile, Brazil's obliteration has become the most discussed sports event in Twitter history, racking up over 35 million tweets, and peaking at over 580,000 tweets per minute.

Germany will take on Argentina in a Europe vs South America final this Sunday (13 July).