The world's largest flag was stretched out at a Romanian village, setting a new Guinness World Records.

The flag, which measured 1,145 feet by 744 feet, took 200 volunteers to roll out, and was spread over seven acres of an airfield in Clinceni, near Bucharest. They also used small sandbags to keep it on the ground because of windy conditions. The tricolored flag which weighed five tonnes covered an area of about 853,478 sq feet.

Jack Brockbank, international adjudicator for Guinness World Records, measured the flag and confirmed it was a new world record.

"It gives me great pleasure to recognize a new Guinness World Record title," he said after measuring the flag, "Congratulations Romania!"

The work for the flag began around two months ago, with hundreds of hours to finish it. The project was headed by Adrian Dragomir, manager of the Flags Factory, said that an estimated 44 miles (70km) of thread was needed to sew it.

The event, which was broadcast live on the national television, was attended by Prime Minister Victor Ponta and other members of the Romanian government. A military brass band also played as the unfurling of the flag was completed.

The previous record for the world's largest flag was held by Lebanon.

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