Apparently, Romford, in Essex, is the luckiest town in the UK, at least according to a survey by National Lottery.

The survey revealed that more than 300 residents of Romford have won £50,000 and more, since the lottery began in 1994, which means 1 in 1,238 adults has won the lottery.

The total winnings, including jackpots claimed by 84 ticketholders, comes to £165 million, The Mail Online reported.

This is the first time the survey has included prizes of £50,000 and more, in an effort to pinpoint where the luckiest players live.

Meanwhile, the second luckiest place in Britain is Enfield in Greater London, where one in every 1,378 adults has won the lottery.

The third and fourth places were taken by Dartford in Kent and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, respectively.

"It's fascinating to see that Essex still remains one of the luckiest counties to live, where for many years Ilford has claimed a high percentage of jackpot prizes for its residents. Now Romford has picked up the winning streak. Perhaps the only way really is Essex," the Press Association quoted a National Lottery spokesman as saying.

"In truth, with over 2,800 National Lottery millionaires now in the UK and an average of 24 lottery millionaires in each postcode, every part of the UK should consider itself lucky," he added.

If you don't believe him, check out the list of the 10 luckiest places in the UK. If you want to win the National Lottery that is...

Romford - 1 in 1,238 adults

Enfield - 1 in 1,378 adults

Dartford - 1 in 1,391 adults

Newcastle-upon-Tyne - 1 in 1,392 adults

Sunderland - 1 in 1,421 adults

Liverpool - 1 in 1,425 adults

Warrington - 1 in 1,428 adults

Bromley - 1 in 1,443 adults

Newport - 1 in 1,452 adults

Doncaster - 1 in 1,472 adults