With the summer transfer window coming to a close in less than two weeks, rumours about Cristiano Ronaldo and his possible comeback to Real Madrid have gained new ground. The latest speculations state that returning manager Carlo Ancelotti is keen to reunite with the Portuguese star. The Italian has debunked the rumours via a public staement on Twitter, and now Ronaldo himself has also decided to speak up.

The Juventus forward took to his Instagram account to share a lengthy statement about the recent rumours. He started by saying that he would have preferred to focus more on his work and stand by his "less talk and more action" motto. However, the proliferation of reports about his future has compelled him to speak up.

"In view of everything that's been said and written recently, I have to set out my position. More than the disrespect for me as a man and as a player, the frivolous way that my future is covered in the media is disrespectful to all the clubs involved in these rumours, as well as to their players and staff," he said.

Ronaldo has been linked with Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United, Manchester City, Sporting CP and Real Madrid in recent months. These are the clubs, along with Juventus FC that he says he wishes to protect. In particular, he singled out Los Blancos, whom he played with between 2009-2018.

"My story at Real Madrid has been written. It's been recorded. In words and numbers, in trophies and titles, in records and in headlines. It's in the Museum at the Bernabeu and it's also in the minds of every fan of the club," he said.

"And beyond what I achieved, I remember that in those nine years I had a relationship of deep affection and respect for the Merengues fans, an affection and respect that I retain to this day, and that I will always cherish. I know that the true Real Madrid fans will continue to have me in their hearts, and I will have them in mine."

His words made it clear that just like Ancelotti, he has put his time with Real Madrid in the past. It was a glorious chapter in his career and he wants it to stay closed. Unfortunately, the rumours have given rise to debates about whether the club should sign him at all. Needless to say, not all of the comments have been positive.

Ronaldo has accused the media of not bothering to find out the truth, and of "playing around" with his name. He ended his statement by saying "I remain focused on my career and in my work, committed and prepared for all the challenges that I have to face. Everything else? Everything else is just talk."

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo now has a record 109 international goals for Portugal POOL / BERNADETT SZABO