A man who escaped from a jail in northern Brazil has been taking selfies while on the run from police.

After escaping the Antonio Trindade prison on New Year's Day, 1 January, convicted drug trafficker Brayan Bremer has been commemorating his escape in a series of selfies. The shots are now spreading on social media.

Bremer escaped the prison near the city of Manaus with 72 others. Just hours later, 112 prisoners broke out of the Anisio Jobim jail nearby and a riot there left 56 prisoners dead, according to Brazil's state-run media agency Agencia Brasil on Monday (2 January).

The violence was caused by a rivalry between two gangs that operate in the prison. Agencia Brasil cited Sergio Fontes, the public safety secretary for the state of Amazonas.

About 40 of the fugitives that escaped at the same time as Bremer have been recaptured, including the man who appears in the picture with him, according to the BBC. In the photos he posted online Bremer can be seen covered in mud. Other shots show him eating fruit.

Bremer's Facebook page was active while he was in jail, with posts dating back to at least October. Since his escape his page has been deleted, but copies have cropped up online.