Passengers push Russian plane Siberia
Passengers push a Russian plane which brakes froze on the tarmac of Igarka airport. YouTube

Passengers of a Russian plane had to get down and push it after Siberia's icy temperatures froze the aircraft to the ground.

Everything was ready for the Katekavia airline flight to take off from Igarka airport, within the Arctic Circle, but the plane just wouldn't move.

Temperatures outside had fallen to -52C causing brakes pads to ice up in parking position, according to reports.

All of the 70 passengers on board were asked to get off to make the plane lighter, while the problem was attended to.

As the tractor was struggling to move the 30-ton Tupolev 134, many decided to lend a hand, putting some muscle behind the wings.

Mobile phone footage posted online shows the passengers lined up on both sides of the aircraft, shouting "Come on! Come on!" as they push it from the wings.

The video went viral, catching the attention of local prosecutors that opened an investigation for possible breaches of safety regulations.

"The pushback tractor was unable to budge the aircraft onto the taxiway, and the passengers decided to help give it a push, which is not permitted, as this can damage the aircraft skin," Oxana Gorbunova, from the Western Siberia state transport prosecutor's office told Ria Novosti.

The plane was later able to take off and land safely at his final destination of Krasnoyarsk, central Russia.

Most of the passengers were said to be workers employed in Russia's Far North mines and oil and gas fields.