Cheating Boyfriend
Marina Voinova caught her boyfriend cheating on her on Yandex Maps

The creators of the Street View feature in online maps probably never anticipated their creation would, one day, do more than just help people around cities and towns.

A Russian woman dumped her boyfriend after she found him walking with his arms around his ex-girlfriend, thanks to Yandex Maps - a map site that is similar to Google Maps and is powered by a Russian search engine. Unlike Google Maps, the panoramic imagery on Yandex Maps does not blur away the faces of people appearing in pictures of its Street View mode.

Marina Voinova was trying to find an address on the site and switched to the Street View feature in order to get a closer and better look at the building she was looking for, when she found her boyfriend, Sasha, walking with his arms around another girl.

"First I noticed a familiar silhouette," Marina Voinova told Russian site LifeNews, talking about the moment she saw him with another girl.

"First I thought, 'how can someone else look so similar to my Sasha?' I looked more carefully, zoomed in and saw that it was indeed him," she added, "I realised that he was lying and cheating on me all this time."

Voinova could have dismissed the picture as one taken before she started dating Sasha. But what convinced her was the fact the pictures uploaded on the map are not more than three years old; she and her boyfriend have been dating for five years. Also, in the picture, Sasha is seen with a plaster on his hand, which he had to wear last summer for a bone fracture. There was no doubt then, that it was him.

When Voinova confronted her boyfriend, he immediately admitted to cheating on her but said it was his "silliness" and not his love for the other woman which lead him to infidelity. However, a hurt Voinova decided to end the relationship.

"I simply can't understand how I could live with this man," Voinova continued.

Voinova also told the Web site she and Sasha had plans to get married in the near future.

Check out the video of Voinova's interview with LifeNews, uploaded by user SpicyRussia: