A man in Russia has died after pulling the pin out of a hand grenade and posting pictures of himself holding it.

Local media reports quoted police as saying that Alexander "Sasha" Chechik probably thought that the grenade would not explode as long as he did not throw it, The Independent reported.

A source close to the investigation told Russian news site Interfax: "Apparently the guy did not manage to insert [the hand grenade pin] back in. The explosion broke him in half."

The man had reportedly messaged one of his friends including a picture of his so-called bravery, in which he was seen holding the grenade. According to reports, the friend asked him where he was and if everything was okay.

Chechik replied: "It depends by what you mean 'OK'," posting a picture of the explosive device.

"Listen, don't f*** around," his friend immediately shot back, asking him "where are you?" But he did not receive any response.

Police probing the incident are also looking at the illegal trafficking of weapons and ammunition angle. Chechik's death has been categorised as an accident and not as suicide, agency East2West News reported.