A Russian nightclub allegedly offered a women free drinks to perform oral sex on stage. Getty/Uriel Sinai

A women has reportedly performed oral sex in the middle of a crowded Russian night club in exchange for three free drinks.

According to the Metro, the RayOn nightclub in Russia's central south town Tomsk had video of the woman performing the sex act. She can be seen getting on her hands and knees in front of a male with boxers on.

Club owner Georgiy Shipakov has outright denied the claims. Shipakov said the women was only kissing the nearly naked man and that the club host was counting the lipstick marks. "I underline that the man was standing there only half naked."

The women was reportedly also offered a club membership with her three drinks. The footage shows here clapping with another friend before commencing the sex act. The nightclub host was also urging the crowd to cheer.

Members of the crowd were cheering on and have claimed she did perform the act. Shipakov said any allegations from the crowd were simply to create "hype".

"I have spoken to the host after that and said that he should not organise any competitions like that," Shipakov said, according to the Metro.

Shipakov reiterated that everyone in the club was of legal age.