Russian President Vladimir Putin is the first world leader to leave Brisbane where the G20 summit is being held. He categorically denied his departure was due to the frosty reception he received from the Western leaders over the Ukrainian crisis.

Before leaving Brisbane, Putin addressed the Russian media but the international press was kept out.

Though his early departure was interpreted as a "walk-out" by some, Putin's side insisted his exit was as per schedule.

Speaking to Russian reporters about the West-Russia tensions, Putin said: "Some of our views do not coincide, but the discussions were complete, constructive and very helpful."

He also hailed the "constructive atmosphere" created by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott for the summit.

As he was wrapping up his visit and even skipped the Sunday G20 breakfast, he said: "We discussed [sanctions] at bilateral meetings, talked a lot about the Ukrainian issue. Sanctions harm everyone, there is a general understanding of that, that this thesis is the only acceptable one."

Putin is facing enormous pressure from the Western world over Moscow's increasing military activities and its stand on Ukraine.

In a frank remark, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper told Putin while he was shaking hands with the Russian leader: "I guess I will shake your hand but I have only one thing to say to you: You need to get out of Ukraine," according to Harper's spokesperson Jason McDonald.

Russia's position on Ukraine was also the focal point of discussions among US President Barack Obama, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Abbott on the sidelines of the meeting.

In a statement following the trilateral meeting, they said: "The three leaders resolved to tackle pressing issues such as... opposing Russia's purported annexation of Crimea and its actions to destabilise eastern Ukraine, and bringing to justice those responsible for the downing of flight MH17."