Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson launched a scathing attack against Harriet Harman, after the Labour grandee reportedly claimed Theresa May was"no sister" on women's rights.

Davidson, speaking ahead of the prime minister at the Conservative conference in Birmingham today (5 October), mocked Labour's campaign to attract female voters at the general election.

"She's done more for women than your pink bus, Harriet," Davison said.

"May has broken barriers her entire life – first female Conservative Party chairman, longest serving home secretary – male or female – since Henry Matthews in 1892, and only the second female prime minister in our country's history."

Davidson also argued that May had helped women "as she goes" by co-founding the Women2Win group in 2005. The campaign aims to increase the number of female politicians in the Tory Party. "We believe that if the gender balance of candidates reflects that of modern Britain, the Conservative Party will increase its support at the ballot box," a statement on the group's website said.

Davidson addressed the conference before May, who attempted to claim the political centre ground for the Conservatives. "I want to set our party and our country on the path towards the new centre ground of British politics – built on the values of fairness and opportunity – where everyone plays by the same rules and where every single person, regardless of their background or that of their parents, is given the chance to be all they want to be," she said.