Samsung took the wraps off a myriad of products during the CES 2023 event that took place in Las Vegas last month. The Korean tech giant gave us a glimpse into its upcoming monitors, smart TVs, as well as smart home gadgets during the recently concluded event.

Apparently, no one noticed a concept gaming device dubbed the Samsung Flex Gaming handheld that the company launched at CES. Notably, it is a handheld Android gaming device prototype. The device was recently spotted in a video from CES.

In the video, a female staff member shows tech and gaming reviewer, Federico Ini how the folding screen and the fitted controller peripheral work. Although the device wasn't actually used in the short video, it displays a video of a racing game running in a loop.

The Samsung Flex Gaming seems to draw inspiration from a tablet for its outward appearance. Also, it has the Razer Edge-like custom controller peripheral. It is worth mentioning here the controller is integrated with the Samsung Flex Gaming, which implies it could be a single unit.

Moreover, Samsung Flex Gaming adopts a folding screen technology that aligns with the company's interest in making devices with folding displays. To recap, the Korean brand recently showed off a mammoth folding tablet dubbed the Samsung Flex Hybrid with parts that moved.

Samsung could be prepping to make its foray into the handheld gaming segment as Android gaming continues to garner skyrocketing popularity. However, it is still unclear whether the company is committed to the idea. The Flex Gaming device is simply displaying a video to demonstrate what the company's gaming device could look like.

This handheld device might not even see the light of day. However, if Samsung is working on it, the Flex Gaming device isn't likely to launch anytime soon. The company is known for pushing the boundaries with its smartphones and other devices. So, Samsung could adopt a similarly innovative approach for the Flex Gaming device as well.

It is also worth noting that prototypes don't necessarily end up hitting the store shelves. It will be interesting to see if the Flex Gaming device transforms into a commercial product in the coming months.

The logo of Samsung Electronics is seen at its office building in Seoul