Gear S2 iOS app
The screenshots from the Gear S2 iOS app under development XDA Developers forum

If you own an iPhone but think Apple Watch is not your cup of tea, soon you can lay hands on the Samsung Gear S2 which is slated to get iOS support. Currently, the Gear S2, which runs on Samsung's Tizen operating system, is only compatible with Samsung smartphones, but with the iOS compatibility it can finally compete with the Apple Watch on the iOS platform.

A member of the XDA Developers forum shared screenshots from an early version of a Samsung Gear S2 specific app similar to the gear manager that exists for Samsung phones. This app would allow iOS users to also pair with the device.

Some doubts still remain regarding the expected app such as how notifications from applications like Siri and Apple Pay will crop up on the Gear as these will need native support on the Gear S2. If Apple does not extend these to the Gear S2, people would then choose an Apple Watch as it would be able to pair all relevant iOS apps for the wearable.

The version that has been put up on the site shows that it has to be installed though iTunes, or by side-loading through Xcode. Before launching the application, a Samsung specific enterprise profile must be accepted through settings.

Prior to this, many more unofficial renders of similar apps supporting the Gear S2 on the iPhone have been doing the rounds on the internet. You will have to uninstall this file and factory reset your S2 to later incorporate the official app when it is launched.

No timeline has been revealed by Samsung as to when the support will come, but it did make an official announcement about it being available later this year.