The probability of a third Gulf War is growing, as the United States increases pressure on Iran after attacks on oil plants in Saudi Arabia. The United Kingdom received an intelligence report stating that Tehran has listed the Royal Navy base in Bahrain and the UK embassy as targets. A Special Air Services (SAS) anti-terror team has been deployed to the Gulf.

Her Majesty's Ship Jufair is the Royal Navy Base which might be under attack in Bahrain. HMS Jufair used to be under US Navy command until 2018, when it was re-established as a permanent Royal Navy Base. SAS commandos will have been tasked to increase the security of the Mina Salman Port naval base in the coming days. It is assumed that the team will be playing a defensive role as the tension mounts.

According to the Express, the SAS team will be working with the UK trained Special Security Force Command. At HMS Jufair, there are approximately 300 naval personnel along with a Marine Commando unit. 25 soldiers of the 1st Battalion Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment have also been deployed to take up the protection duties of the Royal Anglian Regiment.

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Royal Navy Reuters

After the attacks, the Saudi government provided material proof which indicated that the attack on the oil plant came from the North. US President Donald Trump increased sanctions on Iran and deployed thousands of troops to the Gulf region. The US even sent Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, USS Nitze, to support the Saudi coast.

Iran has been blamed for using the Houthi rebels as a proxy force to attack the Aramco oil plants in Saudi. There is a fear that such proxy forces might be targeting foreign bases in the Gulf as a retaliation against the pressure created by the US.

Iran fears that Trump might try and move more countries into assembling forces against the nation. Tehran has continuously refused to accept responsibility for the attacks. According to Iranian representatives, the attack is being used by the US to force the United Nations to act against the country. Even though Trump has continued to deny the idea of another Gulf War, he has continued to increase military presence in the region.