Yemen crisis
A Houthi militant stands amidst debris from a house of a Houthi leader Rafiq Rafiq, which was destroyed by a Saudi-led air strike, near Sanaa Mohamed Al-Sayaghi/Reuters

Saudi jets have bombarded Shiite Houthi rebel positions in Yemeni capital Sanaa in a renewed military campaign.

Local reports suggest the air base near the international airport was hit in the latest air strike, which took place on Saturday overnight.

A military installation nearby the presidential palace was also struck, according to Reuters.

Only last week, the Saudi-led coalition forces staged a major aerial offensive in Sanaa. The bombing had killed at least 40 people and left 100 others injured.

"We felt the hospital was shaking, people were panicking, the explosion was huge and those injured are still being admitted to the hospital," a nurse working with the al-Sabeen hospital told Yemen Times.

The airstrikes began in March this year after the Sunni powerhouse of Saudi Arabia vowed to stop the outreach of Houthis in neighbouring Yemen.

Meanwhile, on another development an Iranian report has alleged a large cache of Israeli-manufactured weapons were found inside the Saudi embassy in Sanaa.

According to Iran's quasi-official Fars news agency, the Houthi rebels, who are widely thought to be backed by Shiite-inclined Iran, discovered the weapons in the Yemeni capital.

The report said the Houthi took over the diplomatic mission after a heavy fighting with the security guards.