Scandal season 4 Spoilers: Olivias and Jake to Part Ways for Fitz?
Scandal to premiere during Fall on ABC. Scandal/Facebook

Scandal Season 4 is slated for a fall premiere this year but fans are yet to overcome the Season 3 finale shockers.

ABC's political thriller ended its Season 3 finale with a mind blowing twist in the form of Olivia's father Rowan Pope turning out to be the head of B613 and the one behind all the White House mess. Not only had he deceived the staff, papa Pope had also deceived his own daughter in the finale.

Kerry Washington, who plays the popular character Olivia Pope, told Gold Derby that like fans, she too is unsure of what will happen to Olivia's love life and if she will ever return to the White House. The actor also teases about a 'dark dark' series ahead in Season 4.

"I don't know, I really don't know. I always I'm not Team Jake or Team Fitz I'm team Shonda [Rhymes] so whatever Shonda writes I'm game. But I also, I just want Olivia to be able to find happiness and peace and love," Washington told the website.

Jake was later revealed to be a B-613 member who was hired by Fitz to spy on Olivia for her safety, but who ultimately falls for her.

"You know there are people that say Jake can't do that 'cause he's been violent towards her. Other people say that that's not true. It's really complicated. But I'm not sure. I'm not sure if she should be with one of them or none of them or maybe there's a third guy to throw in the mix. Why not!"

In the finale of the Shonda Rhimes series, Olivia leaves everything that means so much to her during the entire season. She opts for a new life with Jake and leaves the White House, after which a baffled President Fitz Grant was seen crying in the Oval Office and asking the first lady 'where is Olivia?"

Meanwhile, Hollywood News Daily suspects that Quinn and Huck may end their romance after the darker side of the former unfolded during the Season 3 finale. Huck on the other hand might choose to go back to his former family.