A group of women escaped jail after burning a man's genitals with hair tongs.

Lorraine Earles, 47, Natalie Lilley, 19, and Leah White, 22, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm, along with their accomplice Brendan Teale, 27, after they found out the man had been seeing several women at the same time. They also tortured him with a pizza cutter and a lighter.

The judge, Recorder Bernard Gateshill, told the defendants: "You all participated in an attack upon [the victim], which was designed to embarrass and humiliate him."

The court heard the victim was lured to a flat in Scarborough, north Yorkshire, to teach him a lesson for being unfaithful and strapped him to a chair. He was forced to drink liquid wash and had curling tongs pressed to his genitals.

He was also bitten on the ear and burnt with a cigarette lighter by Earles while the others laughed, had a pizza cutter pressed to his cheek and was kicked and slapped repeatedly.

Andrew Temple, representing Teale, claimed that Earles had been the "main player" in the torture scene.

Defending Earles, Laura Addy said her client had severe mental health problems and White's lawyer, Glen Parsons, said she had acted "wholly out of character" under orders from others.

Earles, from Scarborough, escaped jail after spending five months on remand but she was given a two-year community order with supervision.

Teale, of Malton, was jailed for 12 months for ABH, burglary and a handling offence, having committed a burglary in a separate incident after being bailed.

Lilley and White, from Scarborough, were also given a two-year community order.