Alex Salmond has issued a final rallying call to voters as Scots prepare themselves for the country's independence referendum.

Salmond described the Yes campaigners as "underdogs" in the eve-of–the-poll rally in Perth and called his Yes movement "the greatest campaign in Scottish democratic history" which will, if it succeeds, allow the Scots to draft a"new chapter in the story of this ancient nation".

"This is an opportunity of a lifetime and we must seize it with both hands. It is the greatest and most empowering moment that most of us will ever have. Make this decision with a clear head and a clear conscience," insisted Salmond.

Salmond Remains Sceptical

In reference to the new powers being offered to Scotland by Prime Minister David Cameron, Salmond called the move a "desperate last minute offer of next-to-nothing" as it will do little to rid the country of the key issues facing its economy.

Salmond insisted that an independent Scotland will remain a "committed ally" and will not seek further division, but rather push for harmony and equality.

The final No campaign rally was also held today (17 September) in Glasgow, where Gordon Brown said it was voters' patriotic duty to vote against independence.

"This is not a decision just for this time - this is a decision for all time. This is a decision that cannot be reversed or undone. This is a decision from which there is no going back," said Brown, before adding:

"We built the peace together, we built the health service together, we built the welfare state together, we will build the future together. And what we have built together, by sacrificing and sharing, let no narrow nationalism split us under, ever."

Recent polls have suggested that 51% of people are expected to vote No, while 49% are expected to vote for independence in a historic referendum that could see Scotland's 300-year-old union with England dismantled.