Alex Rowley
Alex Rowley denies the allegations against him Parliament


  • MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife accused of sending abusive messages to ex-partner.
  • 53-year-old accused of 'destroying' accuser's life.

Alex Rowley, the interim leader of the Scottish Labour party, has resigned following allegations of harassment against his former partner.

The woman, has wished to remain anonymous, told the Scottish Sun the MSP "destroyed" her life after repeatedly sending her abusive text messages and stalking her, saying the abuse has left her "a shadow of the woman I once was".

She added: "The only way to move forward is to speak out. It's brave coming forward and especially for women who feel they're the only ones."

Rowley is said to have met the woman in 1997 when he was a councillor and she a journalist, a year before he became General Secretary of Scottish Labour.

Rowley, who has been interim leader of the Scottish Labour since the resignation of Kezia Dugdale, has also resigned from his permanent role as the deputy leader of the party.

He denies the allegations against him. In a statement, he added: "I totally refute these allegations and will take all steps necessary to clear my name.

"These allegations must be properly and thoroughly investigated in line with our party's procedures - and I will refer myself to the party so such an investigation can take place.

"While that investigation is carried out, I will step aside as deputy leader, as well as Interim Leader, of the Scottish Labour party."

Anas Sarwar and Richard Leonard will be announced as the new permanent leader of Labour on 18 November.