SeaWorld thrill seekers were left stranded 200ft in the air after the Skytower rise experienced technical problems Getty

Dozens of thrill seekers were left stranded 200 feet above SeaWorld after the park's Skytower ride broke down in mid-air.

Forty-six visitors and two park employees were on the revolving tower ride when it ground to a halt at approximately 3.30pm on Sunday after a power failure.

Staff on board the ride provided visitors with food and water while firemen prepared to launch a rescue mission.

However, four hours later power resumed and the platform commenced its descent to the ground, Associated Press reported.

No one was injured during the incident but one 17-year-old boy was taken to hospital suffering anxiety.

The ride, which rises 320 feet (97metres) above the ground in total, gives passengers at the San Diego park stunning panoramic views over SeaWorld and beyond.

"The guests were never in danger and park officials were in constant communication with them while the power failure was being addressed. Two SeaWorld employees were also in the Skytower providing guests with water and snacks," park spokesman David Koontz said.