• They met in Twinsburg, Ohio at a festival for twins
  • They plan to live together in the same house.

A set of identical twin brothers have found true love in a pair of identical twin sisters, and have announced they will be getting married later this year.

Brothers Josh and Jeremey Salyer, 34, and sisters Britanny and Brianna Deane, 31, said they plan to wed at a ceremony this August, just 12 months after they first started dating.

The twins met while attending Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, in 2017, and said they felt an immediate connection with their respective halves.

The Salyer brothers both work in manufacturing and hail from Tennessee, while the sisters are from Wilmington, Delaware and are employed at the same law firm.

Brother Josh added that he felt "instantly drawn to Brittany" upon their first encounter, while Brianna said meeting Jeremey was a "magical moment".

"We struck up a conversation about their twin relationship and life, and we found out they were very similar to us," Josh said. "I was instantly drawn to Brittany. We actually stayed a little longer to try and talk with them some more."

"Ever since we were little girls, we have always known that there were identical twin boys who were going to marry us one day," Britanny told Delaware News Journal. Their soon-to-be husbands also admitted they would also never get married unless it was to twins.

Best of all, the wedding is set to take place at the place where they first met. The Twinsburg town comittee has approved the use of their town square and the couples plan to invite other twins to attend their wedding.

"We hope to have all of our actual family there, and our twin family, too," Briana said.

After their vows they plan to live together in the same house, but have not yet finalised exactly where.

Married twins
The identical brothers and sisters pose for a photo. Facebook