Maybe you're not a dog person - but who isn't a puppy person? Now there's a way to have free puppies forever.

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia has released a new video explaining how you can essentially have free puppies forever - also known as: the dream. You will get the puppy when they are 8 weeks old and raise and train them until they're around one year and ready to go into full Seeing Eye Dog training.

When you're sad because your puppy has left to become a seeing eye dog, don't be, you can get another puppy!

Unfortunately for everyone else in the world, you have to live in Victoria, Queensland or New South Wales, Australia to receive regular free puppies. According to the website, other requirements are that you conduct basic training, have a secure yard, will allow the puppy inside your home, have no more than one other dog at the moment and are available for puppy supervisor visits and to attend group training.

Along with your free puppy, you will also receive free food, free vet care and even free boarding if you were to go on holiday.

Free. Puppies. What more could anyone want?