Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez's parents want her to check into rehab to rest and get away from her ex, Justin Bieber Reuters

Selena Gomez has hired pop star Katy Perry's manager to oversee her career.

According to Us Weekly, the 21-year-old has enlisted Bradford Cobb as her manager after sacking her mother and step-father earlier this month.

Cobb, who was named one of Billboard magazine's top 40 executives under 40 last year, has been Perry's manager for ten years and is credited with playing a key role in her success.

Selena's mother Mandy, who has managed the star since she made her big break on Disney show Wizards Of Waverly Place, said she was blindsided after being dismissed by her daughter earlier this month.

The latest news comes soon after the young star made a public display of renewing her relationship with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Her parents are said to be 'vehemently opposed' to the reunion and reportedly are enouraging the singer to go to a rehabilitation centre to treat her "depression and anxiety", which would also ensure she stays away from Bieber.

On 5 January it was reported that the 21-year-old Come and Get It singer was admitted at The Meadows treatment centre in Wickenburg, Arizona.

According to RadarOnline, the Come & Get It hitmaker's mother and stepfather believe the couple's break-up was the catalyst for her recent rehab stint.