An 11-year-old Senegalese girl who was raped and denied abortion has given birth to twin boys in the southern region of Zinguinchor.

The girl gave birth during the seventh month of her pregnancy, the Guardian reported. The twins are believed to be in good health.

The girl was denied a termination as Senegal's abortion law allows doctors to carry out this operation only if the mother's life is in danger.

According to this strict law, first introduced following the period of French rule during the 1600s, pregnancy originated from incest or rape cannot be terminated.

The girl told the Senegalese Women Lawyers' Association that she did not know she was pregnant until her mother noticed her body changing.

"She took me to the hospital. In the last few months my head ached and I could hardly stand up" she said, adding that she did not remember giving birth.

"I woke up and I realised I was not pregnant any more, and I saw the twins.

"The twins are fine, but they want a lot of breastfeeding, and I do not have enough milk.

"My mother buys milk at the pharmacy. We are able to buy it, thanks to donations from generous people and a pharmacist who is being very kind."

Describing the rape, the girl said: "My mother had gone to work. There was no one around in my place. I was playing with my friends and I suddenly wanted to go to the toilet. He found me in the toilet and closed the door."

The rapist was taken into police custody, where he awaits trial. However for the girl, this is not enough.

"I want him to be killed because he has stopped me from going to school," she said.

The girl's mother, who sells vegetables at the market, has asked the lawyers' association to support the girl financially to allow her to continue her education.

However, she said her daughter would need to change schools to avoid being bullied by other pupils.